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I never recorded before

OK, so you want to record a CD. Well, you came to the right place.
After long experience, and with professional equipment, we can fulfil your requirements; recording just a song, a complete CD, an instrumental piece, a poem… anything is possible. You can create an excellent present for your parents, grand-parents, boy or girl-friend, or even just for yourself.
Bring your project to us and we will do the rest, in accordance with you.

How is that done?
Well, between the moment you decide to make a recording and receiving your CD there are five stages to the process, each of which can be more or less long or complicated.

These are:

  1. Preparation,
  2. Recording,
  3. Mixing,
  4. Mastering,
  5. Making the CD.

1. Preparation:

You will sing, play or speak much better if you are relaxed in the studio. That is our first job!
We check with you which instruments you want to use and tune them if necessary.
We choose the microphone or microphones we will use to get the best results, and make sure that your positioning with respect to them is suitable for your voice and comfort. Don’t be surprised that you will not have a microphone in your hand – we can get the best results with microphones on floor-stands. You will get used to the technique of recording very quickly.
We will decide whether you record with or without headphones – whether they are necessary or not (see below).

2. Recording:

We will make a first recording and then listen to it together. Possibly, it will be perfect, but in general we will need to record a number of times and use parts of different recordings together to get the result we want.
You want to record voice and instrument together?
Either we record both together,
or we first record the instrument, then record the voice while listening to the instrument through headphones.

3. Mixing:

If we have used a single microphone this stage is easy and fast (one microphone = one recorded track).
If a number of microphones were used we will need to mix their different recorded tracks together to get the best result. A professional recording is always worked on at length to achieve perfection.
If there were tuning errors in your singing these can be eliminated using clever software.

4. Mastering:

To make sure that your recording will sound good everywhere – at home, on the radio, in a café – we will check and adjust the balance of high and low frequencies, set up the final loudness and finalize the stereo image of the CD.

5. Making the CD:

You will receive your final CD soon after the recording.
The commercial production of CDs is quite a big job – you will most likely be more interested in having a few CDs to give away or sell, and this is what we initially propose. You can then duplicate your CD as many times as you like.
If you require a large number of CDs, we collaborate with a company who will carry out this job.
If you would like an impressive presentation for your CD – a labelled CD, a personalized case, a good-looking wrapper – we can arrange this for you. After all, your project deserves the best of attention.