Ron Cottam
+32 (0)474 /223 941


Prices are:

  • By the day 250 euros plus VAT 21% (8 hours plus 1 hour break)
  • Half a day 150 euros plus VAT 21% (4 hours)
  • By the hour 40 euros plus VAT 21%

These are the basic rates, but the best way is to discuss your project with us in advance, so that we can set up a budget for the complete project.

Studio bookings may be made by telephone (0474-22.39.41), but will only be confirmed after payment of an initial sum of 25% of the estimated price. This will only be refunded in the case of cancellation if this is done more than 2 days before the planned session.
Recordings remain the property of Sound Stuff Studio until the final invoice is paid.